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The University of Ulster was awarded a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning CETL(NI) for the development of institutional e-learning services (CIES).  One of CIES’ objectives is to implement a reward and recognition scheme to recognise and support staff who make or have the potential to make an innovative contribution in e-facilitated learning.

The CIES Reward and Recognition Scheme will aim to provide teaching staff an opportunity to design and develop a component of teaching and learning practice for online delivery.  Expert advice will be provided into the design and creation of a reusable learning activity that will then be developed with the support of CIES content developers for reuse within your subject area and across other subject areas. 

By participating in the scheme, participants can benefit from:

  • Expert advice in the design of learning activities in a creative and supportive environment.
  • Access to content developers to create your reusable learning design/your chosen component of your learning design.
  • Interaction and collaboration with colleagues interested in e-facilitated learning.
  • Recognition of innovative teaching and learning practices.
  • Rapid enhancement of the development of other aspects of your teaching and impact on further learner cohorts.

The programme will be facilitated by a team of e-learning experts from the Wolfson Reward Programme at Cambridge University in conjunction with staff members from CIES.  The scheme will provide an opportunity for networking and sharing of experiences of e-learning development and an opportunity to disseminate the developed innovations and their impact to a wider institutional audience through an annual institution-based showcase event.

To facilitate the best possible environment for the sharing of experiences and the support for participants, four themed programmes will be delivered during the remainder of the CETL funding period.

Programme Themes

Programme I: Learner induction and orientation
Programme II: Learner centred activities (problem based learning, portfolios, etc)
Programme III: Community building and use of communication tools
Programme IV: E-facilitated assessment and feedback


Participation in the scheme is team based.  The formation of the team can vary depending on your proposed development but it is encouraged a student and a support staff member be included in the team formation with a maximum of five members.  Students will be awarded a bursary of £50.00 per day, plus travel expenses for participating. The team can be school based or members from across the Faculty/Central Departments who wish to work on a joint initiative.

Profiles of team membership may include:

  • 3 x teaching staff

  • 1 x support staff member from a central department

  • 1 x student
  • 2 x teaching staff

  • 2 x support staff (1 faculty based, 1 central dept.)

  • 1 x student

A team will be selected from each Faculty to participate in the scheme.  Selected teams will have an opportunity to engage in an immersive and intensive 2 day residential workshop (scheduled during non-teaching time). 

The workshop is designed to facilitate thinking about appropriate educational content and to help participants’ organise their materials and expertise in formats suitable for e-learning development and delivery. 

To achieve this CIES will offer support in many forms: tools, templates, and a creative blend of workshops, hands-on participant activities, and rapid iterative development working closely with multimedia developers. 

After completion of learning designs, Faculty teams will be assigned a content developer to consult on the design of their teaching and learning activity and develop their learning design or their chosen component of their learning design.

To participate in the programme, each team will need to complete the CIES application form that is available to download from the website.  One team will be selected from each Faculty by a selection panel, consisting of CETL Director, Staff Development Officer and a Faculty Representative.

There will be a 2 hour introductory workshop before the two day residential and a 2 hour debrief session after the completion of the development phase.  An annual institutional-based showcase event will provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences of e-learning development and present some of their preliminary evaluation findings of embedding e-learning technologies to a wider institutional audience.

When a call for applications is live, further guidelines on the scheme and an application form can be found under application documents.

Colette Murphy
(Staff Development Officer)
028 903 68617